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What started off as a year filled with possibilities has been bombarded with the effects and affects of the COVID-19 pandemic which has bowled the world over. The human race has been backed into a corner and we either choose to sit back and allow this virus to completely consume life as we know it or we take a stance and fight for our beloved country and a new lease on life.

The National African Federation for the Building Industry supports our Honourable President in his efforts and the decisions that he has taken to ensure that our population is safe above all else. We at NAFBI are asking our fellow stakeholders, partners, students, members and the population at large to join in the fight against this horrendous virus which has already claimed too many lives. Let’s stand together and play our pivotal role in flattening the curve.

Whilst we are all grappling with the damage the corona virus has already caused, we implore you our fellow countrymen & women to remain hopeful that our efforts will soon yield favourable results.

The management and staff at NAFBI would like to re-assure all stakeholders of our commitment to the industry and remind everyone that we will continue working tirelessly from home during the lockdown to ensure minimum impact to our industry.


NAFBI wishes you and your family good health and safety during this pandemic and beyond.



We have just gone live with a tool to enable you to track workplace activity in your sector.

  • The workplace activity monitor makes use of a quick and user-friendly questionnaire that will provide sectors and government with line of sight on Return2Work (R2W) workforce activity per sector, business and geography.
  • Information received back from businesses will be aggregaged by Harambee on behalf of PPGI and reports will be sent to your nominated sector representatives, as well as the Presidency, DTIC, DEL, DOH and COGTA.
  • The frequency of the reports generated will depend on the uptake of businesses to provide us with this valuable feedback.

The steps for a business to participate are as follows:

STEP ONE – Go to

STEP TWO – Follow the instructions and complete the form. Upload PDF of CEO declaration and click ‘Submit’.

STEP THREE – You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Click on the link in the e-mail to complete the workplace activity questionnaire.

Please note, this process does not replace any other regulated reporting processes and is not obligatory.

If you would like to use this workplace activity tracker for your sector activity monitoring, please encourage your businesses to participate in this information sharing process. 

What else is available in order to promote a safe R2W?

This tool is provided in addition to the workplace readiness tools already loaded on the following website . Part of the process includes businesses uploading the signed CEO Declaration to provide sectors and government with confirmation as to which businesses have completed their R2W planning and risk assessment processes. We see the following three elements as core components of a safe return to work:

  1. Workplace risk assessment and plan (this can be performed and evidenced in a variety of different ways)
  1. Symptom checker (there are a number of tools available for use)
  1. Safe public transport solution for staff reliant thereon

What about the other tools out there?

We are working with the DoH, B4SA, the PWC and First Rand teams with a view to feeding in the reports from this activity tracker into a more integrated model that tracks health and economic indicators per geography on a single country dashboard. There are also some exciting business related track and trace tools under development, and we hope to tell you more about this soon.

Thanks to our partners at Harambee and Genesis Analytics for their assistance in developing this workplace activity tracker information gathering tool.



You can download a copy of the Government Gazette health and safety workplace guidelines here:

Government Gazette_COVID-19_Occupational_Health_and_Safety