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Founded in 1979, the National African Federation for the Building Industry (NAFBI) is the oldest and largest Building and Construction Industry Federation in South Africa. The Federation is represented in all nine Provinces of the Republic of South Africa with a total membership currently of 6 442 (six thousand four hundred and forty two) member companies.

80% of members are small and medium enterprises and the other 20% comprises Corporate Members, Professionals (Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, Architects), and Construction equipment retailers and manufacturers.

The National African Federated Building Industry (NAFBI) is an autonomous, non-for profit, Section 21 business organization that is responsible for economic access facilitation, capacity building and business linkages with the mission of transforming the Construction Industry in South Africa.

NAFBI seeks to achieve the following:

  1. Improve knowledge and skills of small contractors
  2. Deliver on its transformation, incubation and empowerment commitments.
  3. In line with the transformation strategy create value and forge relationships with Small Contractors in the lower end of the construction sector.

Collaborate in developing enterprises.